Trusted Since 2022

CheqCash is a competent financial services firm, wholly built by a team of professionals assisting individuals and corporations since 2022. it provides services in bookkeeping and accounting, payroll and taxes.

The firm is established in line with national laws, rules, customary practice, and other variables, and it may secure professional service provision in it’s region through subsidiaries, affiliates, and other connected companies.

Our Mission & Values

To provide competent financial services while contributing to sustainable economic growth through transparency, accountability and probity as a team.


In business, integrity is essential for establishing trust and mutual respect between leadership and empleyees, buyers and sellers, and between organisations. Which is why we at CheqCash we aim to implement integrity in finance and accounting by setting high standards of honesty, Reliability and trustworthiness.


You should trust us because we will conduct our business in an open, honest and trustworthy manner. We are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethical behavior with regard to all of our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our culture of trust will guide our thinking and behavior as we apply these values everyday. We believe that people want to do business with people they can trust and will do what is right every time. Our Code of Conduct will reinforce this principle by outlining how we intend to engage in these relationships, including the types of behaviors expected from everyone who works for or with us.


We believe it is a essential for our team to focus on providing our customers with a great experience. We recognize that as part of a customer centric company, the first step to achieving the company’s mission is to provide value to our customers. To do this, we will ensure that our team’s customer interactions are expedient, courteous, and focused on our customer’s needs.

Our Process


a pre-conditional infrastructure for effective financial inclusion


We evaluate in a continually objective and systematic manner, the variances that are generated on previously established strategic and operational lines.


we go through it over and over to ensure we deliver the best for our clients


We’re big on identity, that’s why we listen to our clients to make sure we bring their ambitions to reality.

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